Restaurant Association Dishes Up Original Ideas at its Newly Designed Innovator Awards


Talk about shaking up service. For this event, Total Event Resources took an innovative approach every step of the way. Format, furniture and food all represented the cutting edge of design and production, and guests loved it.

It was luxurious, it was bold, it was an awards evening like never before. Held in a semi-permanent rooftop tent, the National Restaurant Association’s Innovators Awards oozed innovation from every pore. While the “Chemistry Lab” cooked up gastronomic delights on a molecular level, the “Green Room” planted seeds of organic deliciousness and designer food carts brought ethnic bites to guests. The suave contemporary décor and extraordinary dining experience culminating in a concert by legendary pop icon Kenny Loggins created the ultimate environment in which to honor top innovators of the food service industry.

NICE Awards Winner
Best Corporate Event

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