Recreating 7 of Chicago’s Famous Neighborhoods in a Convention Centre

15,000 attendees • 40,000 ft2 of blank convention space • Chicago, IL

Imagine being one of 15,000 brand enthusiasts invited to attend a Microsoft conference closing night party experience-of-a-lifetime. One misstep in the execution of the event and you and the rest of the fans could turn into rabid critics. But if we did it just right, we could cement your loyalty.

Welcome to the Microsoft Ignite Conference Block Party. Up until this event, Microsoft’s 6 divisions had planned their own stand-alone symposiums. But for the first time ever, they were combining these micro-conferences into one monumental event. And we were tasked with producing the much-anticipated grand finale.

We transformed the 40,000 ft2 McCormick Place into 7 famous neighborhoods, complete with the most sought-after restaurants, award-winning entertainment and more. In one thrilling night, without leaving the conference centre, we gave guests a taste of underground secrets only Chicago insiders get to experience. And we planned this event from concept to execution in just 3 short weeks.

Our client tasked us with the goal of standing out, creating “the coolest event ever” and turning our guests into buzz-creators. The end result was over 6,700 Twitter & Instagram posts, thousands of retweets and hundreds of likes and favorites. And a client who was amazed “just how much the event looked and felt as cool as you said it would.”

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