Reinvent the Fashion Show for the World’s Greatest Tastemakers

1 night • 800 influencers • 5 weeks planning

Our mission was to create a high-energy, boundary-pushing fashion show that incorporated 12 sponsors, featured 23 NEXTGEN stylists, tantalized the 800 tastemakers attending the event and compelled them to share their experience on social media.

If you’ve ever been to a fashion show, you know the drill. A model, featuring a look, walks down a raised runway past the crowd of onlookers, pivots, walks away and exits backstage. It’s been done a million times, in a million different ways…but the mechanics are the same.

We didn’t want conventional.

Our event attendees were the who’s who of the beauty industry. They’ve attended and styled some of the world’s hottest runway shows. Conventional just wouldn’t do. We had to reinvent the fashion show…and do this in under 5 weeks.

Our answer: Sponsors were integrated directly into the show. Each sponsor worked with a NEXTGEN stylist who created 3 branded looks for them, using their styling products.

The show begins. In perfect unison, out walk 12 models, each wearing a different NEXTGEN artist’s interpretation of Street Wear, styled with their assigned beauty product sponsor in mind. There is no standard catwalk. Each model walks the length of the vast room, through the audience, to a sponsor branded platform – where they stop and pose, soon to be joined by their stylist. This was repeated, for a total of 3 genres, until all of the looks were on their individual sponsor-branded platforms.

Instead of feeling like onlookers, the attendees were literally immersed in the show. And this provided the perfect incentive for excitement and sharing. With just 800 attendees, we achieved over 10,000 total engagements using the event hashtag, another 10,000 likes and shares and a total social media reach of over 62,000. And, because of the event, Beauty Changes Lives received a check for $80,000 and the Passage family donated $1MM for a scholarship fund.

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