“An event is only successful if it supports our client’s business objectives. The first thing we ask is: ‘What do you want to accomplish with this event?’ From these answers, our strategy emerges. What can we do, in every phase of the project, to help our client reach those goals? Everything else hinges on that.”

    Kathy Miller lives and breathes events. In fact, after 30+ years and countless projects with Fortune 1000 companies, major trade associations and not for profit organizations nationwide, she still thinks it’s fun. Her exuberance and sense of limitless possibilities are contagious. All who work with her are continually amazed that she never looks for shortcuts or rests on her laurels. She always has her eye out for the next “great idea.” Each new project is a challenge, a puzzle to be solved, a solution waiting to be discovered – or invented. But first, Kathy asks a lot of questions and from the answers, she helps each client determine their event strategy, which will guide every decision throughout the rest of the process.

    Kathy is highly involved within the event industry as well. Currently she is the Immediate International Past President of the International Special Events Society (ISES), a position which required 8+ years of preparation. She has been honored with a NICE (NACE ISES Chicago Excellence) Lifetime Achievement Award, plus Supplier of the Year and a Tomorrow’s Leader by Meeting Professionals International (MPI). And, she’s a past Advisory Board member for The Special Event Magazine. Kathy is also an alumna of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  Yet, as busy as she is, Kathy always has time to explain a program detail, mentor a newcomer, recommend a colleague or praise her employees and clients. She considers herself blessed to wake up every day and be able to do what she loves.

    Favorite job: She’s doing it

    Favorite client: All of them

    Best relaxation activities: Chillin’ with the family, swimming or going to the spa

    Secret past: Twirling fire batons as a high school majorette

    Childhood dream: To be an Olympic figure skater


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