“I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world. From living in Australia and London to traveling to 15 other countries, I’ve immersed myself in the cultures of these diverse places. I believe this has given me keen insights into different types of people, opened my mind to new ideas and introduced me to concepts that have broadened my knowledge and skills.”

    Noelle has travelled the world from living in Australia and London to traveling to 15 other countries.

    During two international internships, Noelle worked in Australia where she managed décor and equipment rentals for weddings across the continent. Noelle also lived and worked in London where she worked for a corporate conference company and planned weekly events for between 50 to 200 attendees. As part of a very small team, Noelle touched every aspect of planning the events – from handling registration, organizing hotel blocks, booking speakers, being the liaison for attendees, and setting up the events.

    Noelle graduated from Lynn University, in South Florida, with a Bachelor in Event Management, and achieved the designation of Magna Cum Laude. Additionally, she was on the event planning committee of her University and worked at McHenry County College as the Coordinator of Students, planning all of the events for Students and Parents. When not busy studying and working, she was on the dance team and singing the national anthem at sporting events.

    As Sales Assistant at Total Event Resources, Noelle works with the sales team on the development of creative visions and elements that go into proposals and events as well as assisting in producing and presenting captivating sales presentations.

    Bucket list: Travel to all 7 continents

    Favorite animals: Giant manta rays & miniature turtles

    Childhood dream: Go to outer space

    Secret past: Performed on Windy City Live + in front of Darius Rucker

    Secret skill: Throwing flips

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