Five Ideas For Corporate Summer Events That Will Help You Attain Hero Status

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Finally! The ice is beginning to melt and your flip-flops are starting to whisper your name from the back of the closet. The days are getting warmer and longer, and you are starting to actually imagine activities outside that don’t include a wind chill warning.

For corporate planners, the time to start thinking about corporate summer events is now. We’re not talking about your average let’s-have-a-picnic outings, but rather corporate summer event ideas that actually get your team’s blood pumping with anticipation.

Creating an event that will leave employees raving takes a little work. There are so many opinions, and so little time. How do you plan an event that you can be certain the masses will love? Why not send out a quick questionnaire to find out what excites people? They are simple to create. Check out Survey Monkey or Typeform to help you develop your own.

It is always great to have objectives to meet for your corporate summer events whether they are socializing and having fun, teambuilding or giving back. At its most basic, a company outing is used to lure employees out of their day-to-day routine and let them have some fun while connecting with their colleagues.

Five unique corporate summer event ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing…

1. Go Fly a Kite! 

You’ve often imagined saying it. Now, it is time to do it. Build kites and fly them at an outdoor park or venue for this year’s corporate summer event. Have a Design-a-Kite contest. Get people excited about the idea and let them have some fun with it. Add in a BBQ with some simple fare and a great DJ and head to the shores of a lake or lagoon. Don’t forget a photographer. Once those brightly colored kites are all flying overhead you’ll want a picture for sure. For every kite that flies, perhaps the company donates a certain amount of money to a local charity that the employees choose through voting.

Corporate summer events - Employees building a park

 2. Give Back Day.

Why not have some fun while participating in an activity that gives back to the community? There are some great organizations that companies can partner with to create amazing company events with philanthropic purpose. Check out KaBOOM! or perhaps showcase a charity at the picnic that people can get involved with like Sit, Stay, Read. You can find out more about either one of these organizations, by simply clicking through the link. There are hundreds of ways to make your corporate summer event take on special meaning.

3. Rent a Park.

Rent a park and have a great day of fun cleaning it up and leaving it more beautiful than when you arrived. It is amazing what difference a little time and a lot of people can make. It is also a great way to be a good neighbor in the community. End the day with a nicely catered meal and a headliner concert under the stars. This is one of our favorite summer 2015 event ideas.

4. Go Retro!

Corporate summer events - Wrigley FieldThink baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet! While it may seem ordinary, these days going simple for corporate summer events is

 all the rage, and there are ways to spice things up. Here in Chicago, companies can take employees to the iconic Wrigley Field or there is a small baseball diamond in Rosemont that can be rented for a special event. Locate a ballpark near you, and combine it with a fantasy baseball camp. Ask former club players to come, have a fun game and maybe even raise a little money for a local charity.

5. Go to the Beach!

From the most basic day at the beach with beach balls and a weenie roast to a blown out party with Beach Olympics, Amazing Races, and the latest greatest Beach Boys cover band, the beach is always a venue that offers a great deal of flexibility from décor and budget to giving back.

Have Fun!!!!

No matter what you choose to do for your summer 2015 event, the most important component of a corporate summer event is that it allows people to have fun in a different environment. Since most of us are connected 24/7, a great corporate summer event will bring back a little work life balance, and create an environment that allows people relax, unwind, and connect in real time. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy and over the top, it just needs to be pleasurable. Total Event Resources is ready to help you create a summer outing that works perfectly for you and your purpose.

Total Event Resources is a certified women-owned meeting and event planning agency with a reputation for making waves. Our agency provides expert, award-winning strategic, creative, and logistical meeting and event services to clients who want to maximize the value and effectiveness of communicating in a live event environment. Our work has spanned across 5 continents. We service Fortune 500 corporations, major trade associations and nonprofits. We’ve also given hundreds of thousands of dollars and in-kind services to both community as well as industry organizations.

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