Looking For A Top Event Planning Company? Here Are Seven Characteristics To Help You Find The Best of the Best!

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Dear Clients,

Are you sick of being sold only to find out the experience is not what you thought it would be? Are you tired of hearing the same old sales pitch from every event planning company that walks through the door? We understand.

“We’re the best. We’re creative. We are so much more than event planners. We know everybody in the business. We have buying power. We are risk takers. We have the best prices. Blah, blah, blah, yaddity, yaddity, yah!”

Yawwwn! Do we have that cookie cutter pitch right?”

Would you just like to be confident in your decision and know you’ve chosen one of the best event planning companies in the market place? We’re happy to help.

Top event planning companies know that selling is not about features or the nine million things that their competitors say they can do, “too”, but rather the benefits they as a partner supplier bring to the table.

Seven things that top event planning companies do differently and how you can spot them

1. Top event planning companies understand the value they bring to the table. They offer something that their competitor can’t. If they have 20 years in the industry and have carved out an award-winning niche in a vertical market, most competitors cannot compete with that experience. Provable experience and reputation are a great benefit they can offer their client.

2. Owners of top event planning companies understand the value of time; their own, as well as that of their clients. They understand that most corporate planners are juggling their event responsibilities among a myriad of other duties. Providing a client with indispensable service that saves the in-house planner time and makes them more productive is of major value.

3. Top event planning companies mean it when they say they are creative. They bring a unique stamp of thoughtful “innovative awesomeness” to the table. That doesn’t mean they always have the newest idea, it means they provide a meaningful solution that works best for their client’s needs. Top event planners understand that being “creative” has a deeper meaning than the “latest and greatest.”

4. Top event planning companies know that event ROI is not always about money. Providing an experience that brings a client’s brand to life and creates excitement and promotes brand loyalty brings extraordinary value to the table. Top planners know they are winning when they create programs that strengthen the core of their client’s business and “wow” their customers. A valuable event partner cares about the “health” of the client brand, and not just producing their events.

5. The best and brightest event planning companies top their game by being global players and sharing that fact with their clients. They invest the time to develop relationships and get involved in industry leading organizations like ISES, MPI, BMA, PCMA and more. Doing so allows them to have reliable, quality boots on the ground no matter where a program pops up in the world. Relationships bring BIG value to clients.

6. Look around the industry. Who are the companies presenting at conferences? It is the thought leaders who are leading the industry, sharing in the conversation and discovering new and creative resources before they hit the mainstream market. Top event planning companies are movers and shakers.

7. Perhaps one of the most striking things about the biggest industry leaders is that they use “features” to their advantage. Creative resources, buying power, risk mitigation, added value, and expertise are all in the toolbox at top event planning companies. They are all a part of the value proposition — not just the one that will always win the business by setting them apart from their competition.

Standing out from the crowd requires tangible differentiators – the ones that translate to value and benefits in a big way. When you are looking for a partner that can help you create events that soar and provide the event ROI you are looking for, the team at Total Event Resources is ready to help you create a program that works perfectly for your purpose – and your audience.

Total Event Resources is a certified women-owned meeting and event planning agency with a reputation for making waves. Our agency provides expert, award-winning strategic, creative, and logistical meeting and event services to clients who want to maximize the value and effectiveness of communicating in a live event environment. Our work has spanned across 5 continents. We service Fortune 500 corporations, major trade associations and nonprofits. We’ve also given hundreds of thousands of dollars and in-kind services to both community as well as industry organizations.

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