What’s Next for the Corporate Event? Ideas for 2015 that’ll Make you Raise an Eyebrow (or Two)

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By Lauren Bettcher, Program Manager, Total Event Resources

The New Year has come and gone and we, like you, are off and running full force into 2015. As we plan for our client’s meetings and events this year we are excited to incorporate these corporate event ideas for 2015.

Food and Beverage Corporate Event Ideas for 2015

~ Engage all the senses – Smell is a big one for 2015
~ Pork belly – It’s everywhere. Embrace it. Especially if it’s covered in a maple-y glaze. Perhaps embrace 2.
~ Reception style food – Think of light, plentiful, and stations as you work on your menus for 2015

Décor Corporate Event Ideas for 2015

~ Mixed seating in meetings / conferences
~ Relax Replay – Taking traditional, nostalgic things and putting a modern twist on them. For example, a stellar old chair refinished with a trendy chevron print fabric.
~ Cruise Control – Everything and anything nautical … with a classy, corporate delivery of course.
~ Pantone’s color of the year: Marsala – Deep regal dark red, like the food…or the wine! Whether you like it or not it’s going to be seen lots this year.

Entertainment Corporate Event Ideas for 2015

~ As budgets start to allow for entertainment, everyone wants to stay cutting-edge. Engage a professional in helping you find the right cutting-edge act for your attendees.
~ A band or a “main act” are going to be your best bets for spend to value ratio for events. They’re engaging, personal, impactful and they can still fall within a reasonable budget.

Venues and Hotels for 2015

~ Non-traditional venues such as lofts, manufacturing spaces, empty commercial spaces will be popular. Think of locales that are not created for events as their main purpose and then utilize them for events.
~ Book ‘em early – we’re not in 2009 anymore
~ It’s becoming a sellers’ market again, so negotiate away now that demand is on the rise

A/V and Production Corporate Event Ideas for 2015

~ LED, LED, LED – Panel segments can be used in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not super cost effective yet, but VERY versatile.
~ Video mapping – Make it 3D – Create videos that can be shown on 3-dimensional objects that create a “wow factor”
~ Simple stage sets – Pipe, drape, one piece of equipment that can be branded = BOOM. Impact with a low cost
~ The new standard: Widescreen – Enough with the 4:3 ratio! EVERYTHING is widescreen now – including your projector screens in your General Session!
~ High Definition is the way of the future because it’s higher clarity, higher resolution, and more universal

Fine Dining Corporate Event Ideas for 2015

~ Luxury restaurants with private dining spaces are on the rise as event venues
~ Know that you’re going to see a new fee this year – a 3% administrative “Planners Fee”. This is over and above room rental, F&B minimum, service charge / gratuity, and taxes. Make room in your budget for this (usually non-negotiable) cost!

Corporate Event Activities for 2015

~ Activities are on the rise again (dine arounds, scavenger hunts, experiential engagement)
~ Don’t do it just to do it – have a purpose! Teambuilding is ½ the focus,  the other ½ is the experience with the location and the activity.

So there you have it! Our top pics for corporate event ideas for 2015 that will make you raise an eyebrow (or two). Contact us to discuss incorporating these into your next meeting or event. We are already getting started on so many exciting projects for 2015 and look forward to helping other clients bring their visions to life.

Thanks to our industry partners for their input – Tasty Catering, Kehoe Designs, Pure Kitchen, Orlando Productions.

Total Event Resources is a certified women-owned meeting and event planning agency with a reputation for making waves. Our agency provides expert, award-winning strategic, creative, and logistical meeting and event services to clients who want to maximize the value and effectiveness of communicating in a live event environment. Our work has spanned across 5 continents. We service Fortune 500 corporations, major trade associations and nonprofits. We’ve also given hundreds of thousands of dollars and in-kind services to both community as well as industry organizations.

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