When it Comes to Event ROI Why Stop Just With the “I”?

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By Donna Collins, Senior Account Executive, Total Event Resources

We all know what Event ROI means – Return On Investment.Event ROI

For every meeting or event, your company is making an investment of time, money and people resources and there is the expectation that something will be received in return… increased sales, motivated team members, elevated expertise, ideas that push the company forward.   As planners, event ROI should be in the forefront as we work towards achieving a project’s goals and objectives. But why stop with the “I” in event ROI when you have all the vowels in the alphabet to work with?    Why not let all the vowels out when planning the return for your next meeting or event?

What is your Event ROA – Return On Attendance?

What impact did attending the meeting or event have on your attendees?  Have each attendee sign in on a white board with their name and one word describing what they hope to take away from attending the meeting.  At lunch ask each attendee to fill out a post it note with their feedback from the morning session.   At the cocktail hour, distribute napkins with pre-printed questions that will get attendees discussing there or at the next morning’s session.   Make attendance an active verb as opposed to a passive noun.

What is your Event ROE – Return On Experience?

Hit all of your attendee’s senses… what they will see, hear, touch, smell, eat, feel, and even imagine and see what happens next.  Make them laugh, make them think, make them ponder, make them wonder, make them step back in awe.   The more in depth the experience, the more they will remember, learn, retain and react.  A 360 degree meeting or event experience will bring out the best in all attendees and is sure to impact your event ROI.

What is your Event ROO – Return On Opportunity?

Do you know the phrase YOLO –“You Only Live Once”?    Meetings, conferences and events are no exception to the rule of YOLO.    Presenters only have one opportunity to say their message, so it’s crucial to say it with zeal.  Attendees only have one opportunity to network, so get them to put down their smart phones and stay in the moment.  As the planner, you only have one opportunity to identify those opportunities so let your creative juices flow!

What is your Event ROU – Return On Unexpected?

Find ways to keep your audiences alert and eagerly anticipating what comes next.   Challenge your audience to listen to the presentation with their eyes closed for the first 3 minutes.  Can they do it?  What do they hear?   What do they feel?   Challenge your audience to turn their chairs around and face the attendee behind them for 3 minutes.    What do they see from this new perspective?  Who did they meet that they would have overlooked?   Challenge your executives to start on the stage at the front of the room but walk to the back of the room and give their presentation from there.  Watch the attendees comfort zone disappear as those in the back row are now in the front row.   Clever, unexpected turns and messaging create endless opportunities for the unexpected to have huge impact – in learning, in retention, in motivation.  Certainly they all will remember it!  And isn’t that an event ROI you are looking for?

What is your Event ROY – Return On YOU?

What is the return of Y – the YOU – the planner?  You are the professional who brings it all together or as I call it the glue!  What is the return on your expertise, your logistical strength, your creativity?   The return comes in the form of a seamless, successful onsite production that allows for the exchange of ideas in a live meeting or event experience.    Don’t forget the return on YOU is a critical component of the overall success of a meeting or event.Event ROI

Who let the vowels out? You should.

When it comes to event ROI let all the vowels out and see what kind of return you can create. Or better yet let us help you design a meeting or event with event ROI as a key objective.

Total Event Resources is a certified women-owned meeting and event planning agency with a reputation for making waves. Our agency provides expert, award-winning strategic, creative, and logistical meeting and event services to clients who want to maximize the value and effectiveness of communicating in a live event environment. Our work has spanned across 5 continents. We service Fortune 500 corporations, major trade associations and nonprofits. We’ve also given hundreds of thousands of dollars and in-kind services to both community as well as industry organizations.

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