Inaugural Conference Finale Event Sets New Benchmark for Tech Giant

Closing Conference Event Planning For Microsoft Ignite

Do you like numbers and results? Brace yourself because the Block Party for Microsoft Ignite is full of them. With just three weeks to plan an event that included 400,000 square feet, seven famous Chicago neighborhoods, 32 restaurants with delicious food, five themed stages, 13 award-winning entertainment acts, 40 interactive games, one 40’ x 100’ video mapped Chicago skyline and 15,000 guests to impress – the numbers were impressive.


  • 3Weeks
  • 15,000Guests
  • 7Neighborhoods
  • 32Restaurants
  • 5Themed Stages
  • 13Entertainment acts
  • 40Interactive Games
  • 400,000square feet of raw space
Closing Conference Event Planning For Microsoft Ignite

Our goal was to turn brand loyalists into raving evangelists and spark their excitement for this event in its inaugural year. Up to this point, the technology giant had planned their six stand-alone symposiums. This year, they were combined into one innovative and monumental event to create in our client’s words, “the coolest event ever.” We were up for the challenge.

Closing Conference Event Planning For Microsoft Ignite

To accomplish it, we created a stunning event design, sourced and integrated new event suppliers and partners, and pulled everything together for seamless production and onsite execution. From technical needs and décor design to entertainment and food and beverage coordination – TER worked tirelessly to produce the much-anticipated conference grand finale and provided a unique and exciting event that achieved every client benchmark.

Closing Conference Event Planning For Microsoft Ignite


I am amazed at just how much the event looks and feels exactly like you said it would.