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Empower With Immersive Brand Experiences

What would you like your guest to remember from your promotional events? An engaging interactive game, the scent of the floral decor or the lineup of musicians? Our creative event concept design transforms originality and imagination into an immersive brand and customer experience. Whether it’s a pop-up, executive dinner, gala celebration or grand-opening ceremony, your audience will enjoy full-sensory engagement that ultimately elevates your brand and grows your business.

What Is Brand Experience?

Brand experience is all of the interactions people have with your brand within a day or throughout an event. From the delivery of proper food and beverage for an executive dinner, to complete brand development, our brand experience agency executes every touch point such as décor, set design, video production, speakers, entertainment, activities, and giveaways.

We deliver consistent messaging through all marketing materials, including social media before, during, and after the event to transform your brand message into a dynamic experience.

Brand Experience Tips

The Event Planning Process

Brand experience is all the interactions people have with your brand within a day in the life. For example, for an executive dinner, beyond the provision of proper food and beverage, we execute every touch point that’s vital to your brand message: whether it’s décor, set design, video production, speakers, entertainment, activities, giveaways, or digitally on social media, your corporate event branding is consistent through all materials to deliver a dynamic experience. This includes online and virtual services to ensure your events succeed even in the age of social distancing.

1. Initiation

We set clear goals that ignite the entire brand experience design process. Your vision is the guiding North Star that inspires the theme, concepts, content creation and more. We take care of all parts that make up a great story, to begin to build the creative elements within your event.

Creative Concept Development
Creative Concept Execution

2. Execution

We take care of executing the most optimized strategy, tailored to realizing your unique brand and customer experience. We address customers’ needs throughout each touchpoint. Then we test the experience until it’s orchestrated to hit all the high notes to deliver consistent messaging. The result is an experiential engine fueled and ready to take your audience on a ride.

3. Activation

The finished experience is designed with measurable results to activate every sensory detail throughout the event. See your vision spring to life as we turn your guests into active participants. They will be inspired and compelled to share their experience through social media, word of mouth, leaving a lasting impact on your brand’s loyalty.

Brand Activations Improve Customer Loyalty
Creative Concept To Support Business Goals

4. Completion

The marketing process doesn’t stop with the event. Each activation or project, no matter the scale, generates valuable insight. Marketers can take this information to refine future experiences, for example, through strong KPI’s and reaching ROI results that impress the team. These brand marketing events will produce added results as your business grows.

5. Success Management

We invest in data, both qualitative analysis, and quantitative reasoning to create a data-driven strategy throughout every stage of the event planning process. We capture actionable insights from experiential feedbacks, then delegate to execution while seamlessly monitoring the impact on success.

Event Management Techniques
Memorable Brand Experiences

How to Create A Memorable Brand Experience?

An unforgettable experience is one that’s true to your brand, amplified but not over-the-top. An audience resonates with authenticity, which encourages more engagements. What we remember from events is always the peak moments and the end. Applying this “peak-end” rule to create positive memories, we carefully craft a sensory experience with a focus on the most impactful touchpoints coupled with delightful experiences at the end phase, such as a smooth coat check, returning tokens and finding transportation. Collectively our creative events leave the attendees feeling inspired with an experience that exceeds their expectations.