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First, we listen to learn, then we work to create. We get to know your audience. The ins and outs, the ups and downs, the history and your future vision. It’s not always easy to tell the story. In order to write it, we collaborate with you to bring out the essential pieces of it that make a difference, build momentum, and evoke the emotions that will leave your audience shouting your story from the mountain tops.


Creativity sits in the eye of the beholder. We create brand experiences that strike a deep chord of excitement with your audience. Passion ignites movements, inspires action and drives the results you want. From creative concepts, live interactions and event integrations to street teams and brilliant marketing campaigns - every experiential touch point is an opportunity to tell a compelling story.


Flawless execution and delivery doesn't magically happen - it evolves in the details. Those seemingly insignificant tasks define the difference between failure and success, the thrilling and the unforgettable. From site visits, floorplans, production timelines to risk analysis and safety plans, the day-to-day details are the differentiator in professional execution. What most people don’t know is that we thrive on the details – and you need that for success.


Our in-house production teams are industry specialists, and an integral part of our core team. They are hands-on through each step of the project to ensure a smooth onsite experience from the development of scenic, graphic content, presentations and scripting to operations including technical direction, executive rehearsals, stage management and show production. We ensure everything that happens on the stage brings your story to life from start to finish.

Measurement Analytics

What do great results look like to you? What defines your success? We deliver that. Whether it is financial, media reach and impressions (traditional or social), social impact or attendee happiness, we utilize feedback and technology to produce the data required to measure results. Whether you prefer traditional surveys or ground-breaking technology, we believe that measurable results are essential and provide a pathway to future success. Lastly, the post experience debrief is where we find valuable information to make future endeavors more effective.


Your story is everything. We leverage our expertise to help you tell it in remarkable ways. Total Event Resources harnesses the raw power of the story to create brand experiences that resonate with and impassion your chosen audience to interact and connect with your brand. For over 24 years, our agency has focused on finding impactful ways to elevate the mission of clients and help them tell their stories in ways that make a difference to their people, their audiences, and the world at large. 

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