Your brand story is everything; we’re here to help you tell it in remarkable ways.  Total Event Resources harnesses the raw power of the story to create experiential engagements and live events that drive authentic audience engagement with your brand. For more than 27 years, our agency has focused on finding impactful ways to elevate the mission of clients and help them tell their stories in ways that make a difference to their stakeholders, their marketplace, and the world at large.

Get Beyond Basic

Whether it’s an industry summit, sales incentive trip, user conference, or board dinner, when it comes to hiring a corporate event planner, you need a partner on your side who will strategize, design, and execute your vision at the highest level.

Let’s start with the baseline: flawless logistics, while essential, are only a small part of a successful event.  The real alchemy happens when we collaborate with you on the experiential story.  From mapping out audience psychographics through a thorough post-event debrief, and every step in between, our clients count on us to handle each detail along the way.

We’re unique among event agencies in that we view every event as an opportunity to transform attendees and reach the goals we help identify and benchmark at the outset. Far more ambitious than simply executing a great event, some of the short and long-term strategies we design for include:

  • Boost consumer excitement
  • Build brand and company loyalty
  • Ignite marketplace awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Provide quantifiable ROI and ROE
  • Build culture and reduce turnover

We don’t think the impact of an event should cease when the program wraps. That’s just the beginning. Our goal is to ensure the transformational magic continues well beyond the end of the agenda and back into the office on Monday.

Total Event Resources: Your Strategic Planning Partner

Leverage a full suite of event planning services, including:

  • Strategic Design
  • Data + Analytics
  • Registration
  • Creative
  • Sourcing + Site Selection
  • Onsite Coordination + Execution
  • Event Technology + Marketing
  • Contracting + Negotiation
  • Food + Beverage Management
  • Production
  • Attendee Experience Design
  • And much more!

We are at the forefront of what we do because of our singular focus on helping every company we work with identify, enhance, and share its story in unforgettable ways. When conceptualized, planned, and executed with thoughtfulness, creativity, and experience, an event can become more than an event. It can become a cornerstone for your marketing and sales strategy, letting your audience and brand interact, understand, and connect in indelible ways.

We’ve been helping our clients build and create memorable experiences for nearly three decades. When you’re ready to design and host a transformative event that will impact the future of your brand, your audience, and your organization, we’re ready to help!