Event Analytics

Event Intelligence

Evaluating and interpreting past event performance and taking a deep dive into industry trends helps us clearly understand what is possible and worth actioning. Our event intelligence team generate actionable insights that can be used to develop strategic steps that have a positive impact on your event performance. The next level of data insight includes what happened at your event, who did what and why. Together we better understand and shape attendee journeys and measure and improve event ROI.

More Data Than Ever Before

We step in to make sure you benefit from the high volume of data collected during your event. Once the show ends, it’s time to tap into that collected data to drive up your event ROI.

Smartphones are in the hands of about 99% of your attendees, the collection of data will be in abundance. You will be collecting data from networking apps, location and traffic flow apps, and from the event scheduling apps.

The smartest meeting organizers are learning to use face-to-face meetings to understand their customers, members, and employees better.

Event Impact and Measurement

As data volume grows, your analytics team must be able to discover the relationships and patterns in the data that can be actionable. Our team brings specialized expertise and an authentic perspective to information and analytics to ensure there is a focus on quality and not being slowed down with the quantity of collected data. The first step is to focus on using data to make an impact.

Data Management To Enhance Personalization

Hand over your registration forms, and we will better understand your participants to create a more personalized experience. The registration form holds valuable data regarding their interests, behaviors, role/title, region, and scheduled sessions. By connecting the data points, we can design highly-relevant conference sessions and special events. One idea is to alert attendees of special interests sessions and or fellow delegates with similar interests.

Data To Drive Decisions

Use data to spur change, assess the event impact, and as your case for continuous budget support. Meetings and events are unique in their ability to create a truly personal experience built on the bedrock of direct interaction. With the right tools, you can measure session performance, trending exhibitors, determine the real worth of your floor plan, and take action to improve event value. You will have the right collection of data to prove and improve event ROI.

Event Lead Management

Your inbound and content marketing efforts need to be supported by an effective lead management strategy. Capturing, processing, distributing and nurturing leads is part of a holistic process that includes lead segmentation and scoring. Our lead nurturing intelligence team lay out a post-event lead nurture plan

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