The Production Stage Is When We Bring Your Event To Life

Our in-house experiential production team is comprised of industry specialists and is an integral part of our core event planning and execution team. They are hands-on through each step of the project to ensure a smooth onsite experience from the development of scenic, graphic content, presentations, and scripting to operations including technical direction, executive rehearsals, stage management, and show production. We ensure everything that happens throughout an event brings your story to life from start to finish.


Once the event analysis is complete, we test market the event plan and gather the last bit of insight from our feedback loop in order to make sure the plan is sound and worth executing. Once tested, our execution team initiates the plan to get organizers, partners, and clients to the event. The rest of our live event production team begins to focus on event production, entertainment, decor, floral and furniture, audio/visual production, the communication campaign and deploy the web and mobile apps.

Event Production Steps

Immersive Events That Generate Excitement and Motivate Everyone To Stay Involved With Your Brand

As a corporate event production company dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients and successful event execution, our goal is simple. We want to create an event that generates excitement by incorporating cutting-edge technology that delivers an immersive experience that is worth sharing and advances your brands’ position. Many of our clients depend on our event planning and execution team to boost company-wide engagement and customer loyalty by utilizing innovative uses of content and technology to deliver messaging that sticks. Our strategists strive to offer every attendee a seamless experience that includes dynamic visual content and engaging presentations to deliver the best conference conference experiences.


Selecting event speakers and organizing breakouts is about creating epic moments that inspire. We look for main stage speakers and break out leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. A way of being that embraces critical thinking, innovation, and continuous improvement. The event space must also support the same mindset and help attendees develop valuable new relationships with each other and your brand.

Event Entertainment Production Element
Communication Campaign Event Production Element

Communication Campaigns

We tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Together we build a tailored content strategy that positions your brand as a real player in a competitive marketplace of products, services, ideas, and influence. We find the right message that resonates and establishes your authenticity and authority as a leader in your niche. Communication messaging that brings your brand story to life with pinpoint marketing and creative event production services.  Clients choose us for our expertise and ability to bring an engaging story to life.


As more businesses shift into the virtual realm, it is increasingly important to keep up and stand out from the crowd. Luckily, Total Event Resources can help. We have the expertise and technical know-how to create a virtual event that can connect people across the globe or just around the corner. With seamless telecommunications technology, we can deliver a fun, exciting occasion that feels as though everyone were in the same room, even if they’re not. Our capabilities also include hybrid events that combine in-person and digital elements to give all participants a transformational experience no matter where they are.

Event Production and Audio Visual

Show Production and Audio-Visual

We create an experience that is incredibly user-friendly and memorable. There are three key ingredients to achieving our goals. A live experience should be purposeful, meaningful and inspiring. As a leader among event production and event management companies, we know your event should be on brand, on message and at the cutting edge of audio/visual technology. Clients choose us to build on what has come before, and our ability to deliver audio-visual technology can work in virtually any environment.

Event Website and Apps

Creating moments in the physical space that are unforgettable is goal number 1, yet we know that an experience rarely takes place in just the physical area. An event website and effective marketing campaign that includes social, SEM and banner ads will continue to drive awareness and engagement. Content and your ability to connect are the current kings of the modern seamless experience.

Event Website and App Event Production
Design and Decor Event Production Elements

Design and Decor

Careful planning in floor design must balance the goal of delivering an immersive experience that is not overwhelming and reflective of your brands’ objectives. Making the best use of convention space requires thoughtful preparation and execution to optimize traffic flow, keep things moving and make an impact. Engaging activations is one sure fire way to ensure attendees have plenty of opportunities to engage with each other and your brand. Our clients rely on our team to scale smart and push creative boundaries while being focused on delivering enhanced experiences through design and decor.

Projection Mapping Impactful Storytelling

Fortune 100 Conference Sets New Benchmark

When BP and their conference partner BPAMA approached TER to produce their 2018 Conference, they were looking for an corporate event production company to help transform their biennial convention and expo and bring new ideas and solutions to the table to attract more attendees and sponsors. This project was right up our alley.

We reformatted the general sessions and used technology differently to design a video mapped scenic set that allowed for visually impactful storytelling throughout each day and award evening. A mysterious Speakeasy Afterparty provided some fun mystery before we closed out what proved to be three-days of very successful education, discovery and brand experiences for attendees.

Our corporate event production team was responsible for many aspects of the event including the discovery and strategy, creative and production, innovation center design, logo design, entertainment, audiovisual, staging, decor, registration, staffing, mobile app, and much more.