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Traditional Advertising Versus Live Brand Experience

Traditional advertising delivers information that can tell a brands story through a variety of “usual” venues or media placement. However, companies want people to live their brand through real experiences. These new experiences lead to new brand stories promoted and distributed by fully engaged consumers and potential consumers. Real people are sharing their own stories about their life with a brand, which then trickles into the viral expansion loop, which leads to more sales, new uses for existing products and maybe a flood of resumes.

Build Awareness & Brand Affinity

Brands always win when they partner with organizations and events that align with their values. Put together a list of companies that would be perfect for the corporate event you have in mind. Let those brands know that getting in front of fully engaged people is worth its weight in gold.

The overall goal is to activate an event that directly engages with the target market, build awareness and brand affinity in order to generate leads and new customers.

Build Brand Awareness and Brand Affinity
Brand Experience Social Connections

People Want To Make Connections

The need for “live events’ or “experiential marketing” is not going away any time soon. People look forward to being part of a live experience that is welcoming and allows them to connect face to face with colleagues and learn something new.

This “third space” is the perfect environment for sponsors to deliver a brand experience that draws a person into a long-lasting relationship with their brand.

An Opportunity To Create An Immersive Environment

A brand experience is about designing a sensory-rich event that bridges the gap between people and brands. Your team will need to step up their game and leverage technology, data and storytelling to reinvent the live experience.

You are expected to pay attention to every little detail and be clear about your expectations from the audience. Remember adults like to play as much as children, so design a place to play that feels new and exciting.

Live Brand Experience Immersive Environment

How to make sure sponsorships don’t fall short

Victoria Jacobson Corporate Event Planning Production Assistant

Victoria Jacobson – Production Assistant

At the top of our list: avoid delivering forced or boilerplate messaging, increase the number of offline touchpoints in order to increase engagement.

Just as important, avoid favoring awareness over meaning, relevance and brand affinity.

With these key points in mind, you will then map out a touch point strategy that will convert engagement into more leads for your sponsors’ marketing funnel.

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