Creating a Sponsorship-Worthy Event

Be Clear About The Benefits of Sponsoring an Event

There are many benefits to sponsoring an event – the trick, however, is creating a sponsorship-worthy event. Brands will always look at sponsorship opportunities in regards to how they help their brand – think ROI, access to audiences, rebranding, or the chance to get ahead of the competition. Sponsorship is increasingly popular among businesses that want to grow fast and reach quality audiences. Creating a sponsorship-worthy event is a worthy endeavor that requires the best strategic minds on your team to participate. There are so many touch points to consider.

Target Profiles & Creativity

Brands are always looking for inspiration and creative ways to expand their target market and get in front of relevant or new customers. Be creative! Maybe have a Torcedor roll cigars with a small brand logo.  A great take away!

When you understand who your audience is, you can present the opportunity to corporate sponsors with confidence and value, and provide a pathway to help them meet their brand goals while increasing funds for your event.

Creating A Brand Worthy Event

Utilize data collecting technology

The use of data collecting technology at events is a common practice. It allows the event host to find out specific information about attendees and market more relevant products and services to them. Companies understand the purpose and value of utilizing this technology and are more likely to sponsor your event in exchange for this information as it pertains to their business.

Brand Worthy Events

Increase brand credibility

Think about a recent event you attended – maybe a trade show – now, think of the brands you saw sponsoring it. Were the brands recognizable? Did they make sense? Did your expectations of the event change when you saw who the sponsors were? Perhaps you thought, “Oh, Microsoft is a sponsor? I can’t miss this.” Credibility provides value for both the customer and the brand and increases the chances for customer-brand interaction. The increase in brand credibility can work both ways – for helping to finance your event in return for exposure and visibility that is of great benefit to sponsor partners.


Provide face-to-face opportunities with the potential sponsor and the audience. Brands want to make an emotional connection with their customers, and what better way to do that than by talking to them directly? By giving your potential corporate sponsors the opportunity to connect with your audience, you’re giving them a return on their investment and providing valuable face time with potential customers.

Corporate Event Sponsorship Ideas

Brands Care About ROI

John McHugh CEO Corporate Event Planning

John McHugh – CEO

It has to be a win on all fronts – for them, for you, and for your audience.

Before a brand considers sponsoring an event, they will make sure that the activation will build their brand image and increase the public perception of their brand.

Create an event that is relevant to everyone involved, and you’ll create an opportunity for sponsorship done right.

In our next blog, we are going to show you what we did and how sponsorship works so well for our client.

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Let’s create a sponsorship worthy event!

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