Event Technology Improves Attendee Experience

Conferences are evolving into new and dynamic formats

The traditional model of elaborate stage sets, armies of chairs placed with military-like precision, and static presentations have been replaced. Now it’s time for creating shareable moments that attract attendees and improve the guest experience.

Attendee engagement challenges highlight the generational shift and showcase how attendee attraction and engagement has changed with technology.

New technologies like projection mapping, gamification, apps, and audience response measurement systems allow conference presenters to listen to, engage with, and motivate their audience.

Attendee Attraction and Engagement Technology

The benefits of these new technologies are immediate with improved attendee experience created by spontaneous and authentic interactions, interest that generates a buzz, and shared content on relevant social media platforms.

Event Technology Experimentation and Innovation

The bar of tech-savvy and creativity continues to rise as corporations step out of their comfort zones. Perfect for event planners as it opens up a plethora of opportunity for experimentation and innovation in the event planning.

When you want great results, technology can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Event Technology Series examines event technologies mentioned earlier. Discover how we are using them effectively for our clients and their audiences. All of them are shaping the future of the meeting, conference, and event industry as a whole. Learning to shape your next conference around worthy technologies can be the tool that changes your conference from passive to active.

Social Media In Event Strategy

Transform your conference from old school to innovative

A Few Ideas:

Live Stream

Live stream and virtual technologies capture key ideas and takeaways that attendees can revisit later. Now you can include those unable to attend the live event. Technology expands your maximum audience capability from limited to limitless.

Conference Apps

Conference apps are everywhere. Digital technology is the foundation of intelligent interaction, networking and gamification. Plus, apps allow your team to create a unique and fully customizable experience for each guest.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping technology enable brands to deliver content in a more impactful way. Attention-grabbing graphics wrap attendees into a presentation; creating an immersive 360-degree environment for education, and training.

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