Planning International Corporate Events

Be Ready To Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Collette Givens Event Operations Manager Tips

First, step outside of your comfort zone and intensify the attendee-experience, and begin planning an international event.

Next, make sure to add extra lead time to your event timeline. The rule of thumb is at least 1.5 years in advance

Collette Givens – Event Operations Manager

The Timeline Rule Of Thumb

International Corporate Event: 18-months

Major Conference: 12-months

Corporate Meeting: 06-months

Refine Your Event Planning Process

Review your historical event ROI data, then determine the types of changes that need to be applied. Follow the usual track, designate roles and responsibilities, set your goals, finalize your budget. Finally,  let the team take the first step and begin learning about the culture of the proposed destination.

Get To Know The Culture

Patience will lead to a successful planning phase as you begin to deal with the social, cultural and legal barriers. At the top of your list is to understand cultural etiquette, business practices and ways to win people over. Locate the associations and professional bodies dedicated to planning for the sites on your list. It is beneficial to gain an understanding of the foreign culture and will come in handy during negotiations. Remember, you will still need to form a strategic partnership with a local partner.

International Corporate Event Planning

Find Professional Local Partners

Finding a local professional partner is likely the most crucial step of all. Gaining local knowledge from a professional organization, such as the destination’s Convention Visitor Bureau (CVB) or a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). Typically you will find that the two organizations provide a wide range of complimentary services for event planners and showcase a good variety of local venues and service providers. They will also be able to provide guidance when selecting a Destination Management Company (DMC).

Select A Destination Management Company

Any event planner may choose to work with a DMC if the event is outside of their local area. The reasons are simple:

  • A local partner will know which caterers, transportations services, hotels, and other facilities provide reliable services based on your budget.
  • A local partner knows cultural norms and expectations, and identifies price gauging and keeps an eye on the invoices for any unnecessary extras.
  • A local partner knows the local entertainment scene, where to find the freshest food, the most reliable staff, and the best travel routes.
International Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Experience the Destination

Many Convention Visitor Bureaus offer familiarization trips which are perfect for experiencing the destination in mind. If the destination has not been selected, then taking one of these trips is helpful. You can always attend industry tradeshows like IMEX or IMEX America to explore what destinations have to offer or event to explore destination options.

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