Quick Tips For Your Event Promotion Strategy

1. A Well-Coordinated Plan Is Key

Event promotion is the proper implementation of marketing strategies and channels that sell out your event. Formulating and deploying a successful event promotion strategy is complicated, yet totally feasible once you break down your plan into bite-size pieces. There are quite a few marketing services to select from to complete your promotion strategy. Choose carefully and aim for a big impact!

2. Your Event Promotion Strategy Must Grab Their Attention

Experiential marketing sets your brand apart, gets the attention of both media and social media influencers, and drives authentic conversation that spark engagement around your brand. You have an opportunity to create a memorable experience for your consumers and employees to ‘really’ experience the brand.  But, first you need to grab their attention.

If you’re hosting an event, you must have an event promotion strategy

3. Event Promotional Strategy Across Marketing Channels

The most effective way to promote your event is by coordinated campaigns across different marketing channels. The idea is to have your audience become familiar with the brand across a wide variety of touch points.

The multitouch marketing approach leads to conversions after multiple interactions. Now you can start converting leads into attendees.

Attendees Enjoy Special Coffee

4. Grab the Attention of Potential Attendees

A multi-touchpoint marketing strategy includes the event website, email, SMM, SEO, PR, promo codes, and Google Ads / PPC. As you continue to break your plan down into bite size pieces, then take a look at the event website. You need to build a comprehensive, concise, engaging, and optimized event website.

Your goal is to showcase the event brand, provide consistency, and influence readers to register for the event.

Event Marketing in 2019

Event marketing is an essential marketing channel for B2B and B2C businesses. Whether it’s exhibiting at a trade show booth, entertaining a sales conference dinner or hosting a user conference. To successfully implement a multi-touch marketing strategy starts with implementing these 4 reminders for your event promotion strategy

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Event Planning Tips!

Hit Your Registration Goals!

A well organized plan accelerates the customer journey to registration and meeting your business objectives.

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