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Every event planning company will tell you they’re the best.

Here are the steps to selecting a corporate event planning company for your event. First, quickly look through their event planning projects and review their testimonials. Professional event planning companies are excellent with time management, flexible and resourceful. Their leadership is strong and since planning an event is a team game, make sure you gather as much event management team information as possible.



First, no matter if it’s a social event or a corporate meeting, the best event planning companies can clearly share their value proposition.  They offer something that their competitor can’t. If they have 20 years in the industry and have carved out an award-winning niche in a vertical market, most competitors cannot compete with that experience. Provable experience and reputation are a great benefit they can offer their client.

Leadership & Passion

Next, the leaders of successful event planning companies are resourceful and efficient. Juggling various event execution responsibilities and organizing the best team is their passion. Providing indispensable service while saving the in-house planner time and increasing productivity all around.

Maximize Return Holiday Event Planning


Just as important, bringing sharp and valuable creative ideas to every phase is normal.  A unique stamp of thoughtful “innovative awesomeness” is a valuable addition to the team. It’s not always the newest ideas, but expect meaningful solutions that work best for their client’s needs. Top event planners understand that being “creative” has a deeper meaning than the “latest and greatest.”

Event Analytics

Even more important is the ability to understand that measuring event ROI and improving event ROI is most important. Top event agencies win by devising programs that strengthen the core of their client’s business and “wow” their customers. A valuable event partner cares about the “health” of the client brand, and not just producing their events.

Projection Mapping At Your Event

International Planning Experience

The best and brightest event planning companies have a lot of experience planning international events.  Expect the company to be involved in industry leading organizations like ISES, MPI, BMA, and PCMA. Doing so allows them to have reliable, quality boots on the ground no matter the destination.

Conference and Meetings Thought Leaders

Look around the industry. Who are the companies presenting at conferences? It is the thought leaders who are leading the industry, sharing in the conversation and discovering new and creative resources before they hit the mainstream market.

Full Stack Agency

The best event planning industry leaders use “features” to their advantage. Creative resources, buying power, risk mitigation, added value, and expertise. A value proposition that sets them apart from their competition.

Chicago Field Museum Corporate Event Venue

Event Planning Differentiation

Finally, standing out from the crowd requires tangible differentiators – the ones that translate to value and benefits in a big way. When you are looking for a partner that can help you create events that soar and provide the event ROI you are looking for, the team at Total Event Resources is ready to help you create a program that works perfectly for your purpose – and your audience.

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